Dealership Testing The TireGrabber – Kal Tire, Alberta, Canada


To take the load off changing and moving giant tires with a cumbersome forklift and chains, Alberta farmer Darcy Goossen invented a slick three-armed claw that just gripped and lifted the tires. This tool – dubbed The TireGrabber – avoided back strain, slip-ups and damage. He had no idea that the device he built for his own family farm would grab and hold the attention of fellow farmers, tire suppliers and machinery dealers – and get the wheels turning in Canada, the United States and the world. “There has to be a better, safer way of doing this”, THIS was the inspiration for Darcy’s invention.

Capable of handling more than 4,000lbs (1,800 kilograms), The TireGrabber is a three-armed machine that latches onto tires, making it easier for operators to lift and stack them neatly in storage. The tool can be affixed to skid steers, tractors, sprayers, combines and other machinery.

“For our 4000-acre grain farm in Ferintosh, Alberta., we were handling big tires on two sprayers, and the forklift wasn’t cutting it any more,” says Goossen. “We thought our idea was pretty good, and since then it’s only improved with the help of good draftsmen and engineers.”

After five years of stringent designing, testing and patenting, the product was ready for the market. One of the first customers to battle-test The TireGrabber was Brian Adolf, owner of Kal Tire in Trochu, Alberta. “When the demo was first delivered, I wasn’t really that interested,” he recalls. “But after I tried it, I wouldn’t give it back.”

He points out that in the three years since then, his dealership has rotated more than 1000 spare tires. They also use The TireGrabber to stack tires on trailers and install them on various machines – never encountering a problem with the engineering, structure or welding.

“We thought we were doing a good job using the pallet fork system and chains to switch these tires, but once I got hold of The TireGrabber we saw fantastic benefits,” adds Adolf. He reports that the device shortened the timeframe of doing a sprayer from three hours to one and now required only two operators rather than three.

“The safety factor is also great: there’s a zero chance of having the tire fall over and crush someone – or strain their backs,” he says, adding that being able to store and stack tires flat also eliminates the risk of damaging them. “It’s a pretty fool-proof system all round.”

The TireGrabber has 3 models to choose from to suit your range of tire sizes.  This unit has also won multiple awards and next up a recent invention the TireGrabber Heavy Equipment Jack has entered the market making this the perfect pair for safety and efficiency in your operations.

TireGrabber Awards

  • 2018: Farmyard Inventions Award, Canada’s Farm Progress Show in Regina, SK (TireGrabber)
  • 2020: First Place in Farm Safety, Innovations Showcase at Manitoba AG Days in Brandon, MB (TireGrabber)
  • 2021: First Place in Farm Safety, Innovations Showcase at Manitoba AG Days in Brandon, MB (TireGrabber Reversible Unit)