What is the largest tire size that The TireGrabber tire handler can manage?

We currently have 3 models of The TireGrabber. The TG4000 handles tires up to 4,000 lbs and between 52”-89” in diameter, The TG4000R handles tires up to 4,000 lbs and between 34″-89″ in diameter and the TG4000XL is built to handle tires up to 4,000 lbs and between 54”-95”. All Tire Grabber models are designed to easily lift and move large-scale tires, including:

  • Combine tires
  • Sprayer tires
  • Tractor tires (including versatile 4-wheel drive and high horsepower tractors)

Learn more about the different models and see pricing here.


How heavy is a sprayer/tractor tire?

Large-scale tractor and industrial-sized tires range from 1,500 to 3,500 pounds. To put this into perspective, the average car weighs between 3,000 and 4,000 pounds. The TireGrabber makes moving large-scale tires easier, faster, and safer than ever!


Can The TireGrabber rotate my tire?

Yes. The TireGrabber enables you to manually rotate your tire to the desired position. Using our large-scale tire lifter, you can easily grab a tire from flat on the ground or on a trailer, standing, or even pull it directly off the vehicle. The TireGrabber’s 180-degree rotation mechanism and 3-arm configuration make it easy to rotate large-scale tires wherever and however you need to.


Can The TireGrabber tire handler swing sideways?

Yes, both the TG4000 and TG4000XL models swing sideways, making it easier to line the tire up with the hub. 


How much does The TireGrabber large tire handler cost to ship?

The price for shipping varies depending on location. 


Do you have testimonials from existing Tire Grabber customers? 

Absolutely, we have many happy customers! Check out our videos & testimonials here


What type of equipment will The TireGrabber tire handler work with?

The TireGrabber has a stand-alone unit that allows it to be easily mounted to any attachment plate. You can confidently use this large tire handler with Bobcats, skidsteers, telehandlers, frontend loaders, farm tractors and more. 


Does The TireGrabber come with Flat-Faced Hydraulic Couplers?

Yes. If you need different couplers, when ordering, simply let us know what you prefer and we’ll make sure it arrives with your Tire Grabber! 


Where is The TireGrabber manufactured?

The Tire Grabbers are made in Central Alberta, Canada.  


Are there tariffs for shipping outside of Canada?

No. There is a border-crossing fee with a broker that’s typically approximately $300 CAD.


Will The TireGrabber save me time?

Yes! We have many happy customers who say The TireGrabber cuts the time it takes to change a tire in half, translating into hours and hours of saved time and money!

Does The TireGrabber make my farm a safer place to work?

Absolutely! The TireGrabber isn’t just a time saver, it also makes it possible for 1 person to safely and quickly move a large-scale tire, a job that would otherwise require 3-4 workers and pose a significant liability risk. Changing a tire using a forklift or pallet forks can be very dangerous. The TireGrabber’s 3-arm configuration ensures a safe grip on your large-scale tires, regardless of the weather. Additionally, The TireGrabber does all the heavy lifting for you–literally–reducing stress on your back and the rest of your body.


What makes The TireGrabber different?

There are many things that set The TireGrabber apart from other large tire handlers on the market. Here are a few of our favorite differentiators: 

  1. The 3-point design ensures safe handling. The arms sit at the 4, 8 & 12-o’clock positions on the tire, cradling it and making it easy to move in virtually any direction necessary.
  2. All 3 arms are connected in the back and move as one unit, keeping the tire centered and perfectly balanced over the pivot point, vastly reducing the risk of injury when compared to other methods of moving large-scale tires where you have to worry about the tire shifting or becoming off balance. 
  3. The upright pivot allows you to swing the tire sideways, making it easier and faster to get the tire lined up with the hub.
  4. The vertical pivot allows you to pick up the tire from virtually any position, from laying on it’s side to standing straight up, and makes stacking tires in trailers or on the ground a cinch!


Why should I invest in The TireGrabber? What are the biggest benefits to having this piece of equipment?

We have many happy customers who can confirm, The TireGrabber is the safest and easiest way to handle large-scale tires. It reduces physical stress on your workers, makes changing tires fast and effortless, allows you to rotate tires as needed and easily line up with the hub, and increases workplace safety by reducing the risk of accidents.


Can I see The TireGrabber in action?

Of course! You can watch a video demonstration here, or contact us to see if there’s one available for viewing near your location.


How do I purchase The TireGrabber?

When you’re ready to purchase, you can see all the pricing on the products page. Contact us – We look forward to serving you.