Moving mountains with The TireGrabber

A solid business investment

Test-driving The TireGrabber quickly convinced James Klassen that this was “just a wonderful product” to ease the daily grind of moving mountains of heavy-duty tires onto new combines and tractors. As manager of Linden Agri-Centre in Alberta, Klassen needs to consider safety, cost-effectiveness and speed.

“Tires can weigh upwards of 3000 lb., so picking them up and moving them around is not easy,” he says. “They typically come on pallets and with a traditional forklift, they can slip and tip over.” That also requires several workers to watch and guide the tires to make sure that no one gets hurt.

By contrast, The TireGrabber holds tires securely, allowing operators to pick tires off a pallet with a skid steer, tip them up and install them on the machinery. In reverse, the tool takes the old tires off and loads them back onto the pallets so trucks can take them away. Whether a tire is on its side or its edge – even in the air – staff can easily manoeuvre and control it.

“This product is so easy to move around,” adds Klassen. “It also saves hours of time, and our technicians love it because it’s so much safer.” He expects that The TireGrabber, which should last for more than 25 years, will pay for itself in a year or two. And that’s just good business.