The TireGrabber saves the day

Speed, safety and stability add up to a sensible tire-juggling solution

Putting eight new tires and rims onto huge tractors is no small job. It starts with unloading the new ones from the delivery truck and putting them on the ground. The old ones are taken off the vehicles and loaded onto the truck for transportation to a recycling plant. And when you do the math, time is money because the delivery truck waiting can be costly during the process.

“To get this big job done quickly, I knew we needed something different from our usual forklifts,” says Kerry Andrew, owner of Integra Tire and Auto Centre in Mirror, Alberta. “I had heard about The TireGrabber at an agricultural show, so I bought one.” Integra Tire is a large enterprise selling and servicing tires for agricultural, industrial and passenger vehicles.

Andrew admits The TireGrabber was a big outlay, but seeing the tool’s performance on this first task confirmed he had made the right decision – and he hasn’t looked back. “It worked so well that I’m glad I bought it when I did, and immediately knew we’d use it all the time.”

A powerful investment
He is particularly impressed with the power and stability of the tool. “I can tip tires down, stack them and move them around without any danger that they will slip or fall out of The TireGrabber.”

Andrew has seen big returns on his investment from Day 1. “The safety factor alone is worth the money,” he says, estimating that The TireGrabber increases safety tenfold, cuts work time in half and requires about 30% fewer operators. This means the company can take on more customers and do much more without increasing expenses. “That’s pretty important if you want your business to survive and grow.”