Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

The Tire Grabber Is the Most Efficient Large Tire Handler On the Market Today, Keeping You & Your Employees Injury-Free & More Productive Than Ever

Inventor Darcy Goossen grew up on a farm and saw firsthand the growing dangers of heavy industrial farm equipment.  He spent years developing prototypes until he arrived at the perfect tire lifter design that would prevent farmers from sustaining severe injuries while changing large tires.

Our tire lifter equipment has been industry-certified and engineer-approved with a magnetic particle inspection (MPI).  This form of nondestructive testing (NDT) utilizes cutting edge science that ensures the integrity of our products, all of which are formed using QT 100 strong, memory-shape steel.

The Tire Grabber product portfolio contains a range of tire lifter tools that help you remove and install large tires up to 4,000 pounds. Simply stated, there isn’t a better, more cost-effective large tire handler available.

This award-winning tire lifter design uses a scientifically tested 180-degree rotation mechanism and 3-arm configuration for safely securing large tires.  This includes one arm on top and two bottom arms at the 4 & 8 o’clock positions, which gives you remarkably advanced gripping ability that will reduce workplace accidents.

Our large tire handler is shipping-friendly and easy to assemble.  Because it comes with replaceable plastic sleeves, you will be able to significantly extend the lifespan of the equipment, thereby saving money not only on shipping costs but in making a smart long-term investment for your business.  You’ll only need to buy one in this lifetime.

We also use the very best powder-coated paint for a sleek, shiny, modern appearance.

Check out our Products page to figure out which tire lifter model fits your needs. To see The Tire Grabber in action, click here