The Easy, Safe, Fast Way To Change Large-Scale Tires

The TireGrabber is an award-winning tire lifter and gripper tool for farm machinery equipment. It attaches to any skidsteer, bobcat, front end loader or forklift.  If you have been wrestling with behemoth tractor tires, this unit is the large tire handler for you.

Using a three-point equal pressure patent-pending tire lifter design and a 50-degree rotation mechanism, The TireGrabber’s forks clamp onto the tire with a firm grip allowing you to move and install large scale tires safely, easily and more efficiently.  Using this large tire handler, you can now store large tires laying down and stacked, saving you warehouse space and preventing wear and tear on the tires.

Several models and sizes of this tire lifter are available depending on your needs.  From tire stores who have the task of changing large scale tires on an ongoing basis, to farm machinery dealerships who perform high volume changeovers to farmers of all sizes who only change tires twice a year, The TireGrabber gripper tool has you covered.

Stories of farmers severely injuring themselves while changing large-scale tires are common.  Our large tire handler reduces the need for dangerous manual labor involved with operating industrial farm machinery equipment, including large sprayer tires.  Additionally, the gripper tool is a robust long-term investment that significantly cuts procedure time.

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