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Skid Steer with TireGrabber attachment lifting a tractor tire

The safe, easy way to change large-scale tires

Change large equipment tires safely and easily with The TireGrabber 

Changing tires on big equipment is tough work, time-consuming and often dangerous. Our large tire changer does the heavy lifting for you.

The TireGrabber is an award-winning, patented tire handler engineered to securely grip, lift and manipulate large-scale tires up to 4,000 lbs and 95” in diameter, safely and easily.

TireGrabber TG 4000R1

One person can change a 4,000 lb tire in under 5 minutes 

Designed by a farmer, The TireGrabber turns the task of changing large tires from a mammoth team effort into a simple, on-site job for one person. It takes less than 5 minutes per tire! So you can get production back on track with minimal disruption.

Full wrist action of The TireGrabber provides precise control

Confidently pick up, pull off, swivel, tilt and rotate heavy tires. The 45-degree rotation and three-arm grabber provides secure gripping, allows for easy alignment, balances the tire perfectly and makes tire changing effortless.

Made from strong, memory-shape steel, the TireGrabber is industry-certified and engineer-approved with a magnetic particle inspection (MPI) for integrity and life-long durability. It’s built to last a lifetime! 

Let’s talk about purchasing, reselling or distributing The TireGrabber. Contact us today.

Video screen shot of tire grabber in action
TireGrabber placing tire onto machinery
TireGrabber on machine

Frequently asked questions about The TireGrabber

A tire grabber is a mechanical device used to securely grip, lift, manipulate and change large equipment tires up to 4,000 lbs and 95” in diameter, safely and easily.

The TireGrabber can be used in any industry where large vehicles and/or equipment with tires are needed – agriculture, construction, mining, military, machine assembly, trucking companies, quarries, factories, sea ports, and tire dealers.   

Yes. The TireGrabber is designed to work with any piece of equipment with a hydraulic source such as a sprayer, skid-steer loader, tractor, front-end loader, or crane.