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TireGrabber TG4000XL

Introducing The TireGrabber – making handling and changing tires on the farm practically effortless.

Getting a flat in the field is never a good thing. Changing tires on large tractors and sprayers typically requires pulling a team of workers together and carving a good chunk of time out of your busy day. Not to mention that traditional methods of handling massive ag tires can be risky. 

Built by a farmer for farmers, the patented, innovative TireGrabber lets you easily and safely change tires on farm equipment with a single operator and get it done well before the sun sets.


Effortless management of ag tires

The TireGrabber’s innovative three-arm gripper attaches to any hydraulically equipped machine and offers extended reach for secure mounting, dismounting and rotation of large construction tires up to 12,000 lbs.

Farm land

Get back to work faster

Built for easy transport, the TireGrabber can fit in the back of a standard pickup truck. If you have an unexpected flat out in the field, the TireGrabber can be there quickly and a single operator can do the changeover in minutes helping to keep things rolling.

Safety Warning

Safety first

Traditional methods of handling large tires using pallets, straps and chains are notoriously dangerous. The TireGrabber offers a clean, simple way to handle heavy, large-scale tires from a safer distance minimizing the risk of injuries.

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Savings for the long run

The TireGrabber makes regular tire rotations on tractors and sprayers safe, efficient and easy, maximizing the life of your expensive tires. Plus, with reduced time and labour required for tire changes, you’ll realize significant savings in labour costs.

Built for toughness and endurance

The TireGrabber is constructed with high-strength, memory-shape steel and is rigorously tested (including a magnetic particle inspection) to ensure durability and performance in demanding farm environments. Choose from four models to perfectly suit your specific needs:


Handles tires from 54″ to 89″ in diameter (3,000 lb capacity). Features rotating capability.


Handles 54″ to 89″ diameter tires (4,000 lb capacity) with manual swivel, tilt, and rotate capabilities.


Offers 4,000 lb capacity for tires ranging from 34″ to 89″ in diameter. Features reversible teeth for added versatility, along with manual rotate function.


Perfect for handling oversized construction equipment tires (58″ to 95″ diameter) with a 4,000 lb capacity. Features manual swivel, tilt, and rotate capabilities.

Keep things rolling on your farming operation. Contact us today to request a quote for the TireGrabber tire handler!

FAQs about The TireGrabber tire handler for farms

The TireGrabber is more than just a safer way to handle heavy tires used on farm tractors, high clearance sprayers and other implements — it’s a gamechanger. Ditch risky methods that use pallets and straps. 

The TireGrabber offers:

  • Safety first: Protect workers from injuries. The TireGrabber tire handler enables a single operator to securely grip, lift, manipulate and change large equipment tires up to 12,000 lbs and 95” in diameter. So everyone can return home safely to their families at the end of the day.
  • Time is money: Stop wasting time wrestling with heavy tires. The TireGrabber’s patented design lets you swap tires quickly and efficiently, keeping production on schedule.
  • Built to last: The TireGrabber isn’t afraid of tough jobs. Made from high-strength, tensile steel, it’s built to take a beating and keep things rolling for years.
  • Right for the task: We offer four TireGrabber models (TG3000, TG4000, TG4000R, TG4000XL) to handle all your tire sizes for all your farm equipment. (Watch for the TG12000, coming soon!)

Yes! The innovative, patented design offers these features:

  • Built strong: The TireGrabber is constructed from super-strong, tensile steel. It’s engineer-certified and MPI-tested to ensure it can handle the toughest jobs.
  • Three-arm advantage: Confidently pick up, pull off, swivel, swing and rotate heavy tires. The 45-degree rotation and three-arm grabber provides secure gripping, allows for easy alignment, balances the tire perfectly and makes tire changing effortless.
  • Total control: Manual swivel and swing features give you complete control and confidence over tire positioning.
  • Reversible option: The reversible teeth on the TG4000R model give you extra versatility on the job site.

It is! The TireGrabber was invented and engineered by Darcy Goossen, a poultry and grain farmer and custom sprayer in Alberta, Canada. Knowing that storing, handling and changing large tires on heavy-duty equipment was labour- and time-intensive, not to mention dangerous, Darcy decided he had to find a better way. The TireGrabber was launched in 2017.