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Rock truck in mine
TireGrabber TG4000XL

Meet The TireGrabber –
safe, easy tire changes for mining operations

Downtime due to large-scale tire changes on off-highway trucks, graders, wheel loaders, wheel tractor-scrapers, forklft, telehandler, costs your surface or underground  mining operation precious time and dollars. 

Meet the TireGrabber – a patented tire manipulator designed to help tackle massive mining equipment tires (up to 4,000 lbs) safely and efficiently, even on uneven terrain.  

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Effortless handling of oversized tires

Mounted to any equipment with a hydraulic source, The TireGrabber’s extended-reach, three-arm gripper enables secure mounting, dismounting and rotation of tires up to 4,000 Ibs on large mining equipment – by a single operator.

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Safety first

Ditch dangerous, time-consuming methods of using pallet forks, straps, and chains. The TireGrabber prioritizes safety for your crew by offering a clean, simple way to lift and change heavy, large-scale tires from a safer distance with fewer workers required – thus minimizing the risk of injuries. 

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Boost efficiency and slash costs

One operator can handle and change massive tires in record time with The TireGrabber, eliminating the need for a full-scale team effort, keeping your workers on the job and your mining operations running smoothly.

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Precise control

The 45-degree, 3-arm rotating gripper provides a secure hold, allowing for effortless maneuvering, perfect alignment, and balanced tire handling – making even the toughest tire changes a breeze.

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Extend tire life

Regular tire rotations are crucial for maximizing tire life and minimizing replacements. The TireGrabber makes this process quick and easy, saving you money over the long haul.

Built for tire changes in the toughest conditions

The TireGrabber tire changer is constructed with high-strength, memory-shape steel and is rigorously tested (including a magnetic particle inspection) to ensure durability and performance in demanding mining environments. Choose from four models to perfectly suit the job:


Handles tires from 54″ to 89″ in diameter (3,000 lb capacity). Features rotating capability.


Handles tires from 54″ to 89″ in diameter, with a 4,000 lb capacity. Features manual swivel, tilt and rotate capabilities.


Offers 4,000 lb capacity for tires ranging from 34″ to 89″ in diameter. Features reversible teeth for added versatility, along with manual rotate functions.


Perfect for handling oversized mining equipment tires (58″ to 95″ diameter) with a 4,000 lb capacity. Features manual swivel, tilt, and rotate capabilities.

Keep your mining operation on track. Contact us today to request a quote for The TireGrabber tire changer!

FAQs about The TireGrabber tire handler for mining sites

Here’s why the TireGrabber crushes it on mining sites:

  • On-site safety first – always: Traditional methods of handling large tires are often dangerous and pose a risk of injury. The TireGrabber prioritizes safety, allowing a single operator to handle, change and store tires with complete confidence.
  • Boost your bottom line: Scheduling a crew of workers to wrestle with heavy, oversized tires is a waste of precious time. With the TireGrabber, a single operator can lift, align and swap out tires fast, keeping your mining operation running smoothly.
  • Built to endure: This tool is tough enough to withstand harsh mining conditions. Made from high-strength steel, it can handle the demanding environment of a surface or underground mine site.
  • Right for every haul truck: We offer four TireGrabber models (TG3000, TG4000, TG4000R, TG4000XL) to fit all your industrial tire sizes. We even have a TG12000 coming soon!

The TireGrabber’s innovative, patented design gives you an edge with these features:

  • Built like a machine: Made from super-strong steel, the TireGrabber is built to take a beating. It’s engineer-certified to ensure it can handle the toughest mining jobs.
  • Unique 3-arm grip: The TireGrabber’s three-pronged grip with a 45-degree rotation ensures secure handling of even the heaviest tires. It lets one operator precisely position and balance any tire for effortless industrial tire changes.
  • Take total control: The manual swivel and swing features give you complete control over tire positioning, making swapping heavy duty tires one of the safest, easiest parts of your day.
  • Re-versatile (TG4000R model only): The reversible teeth on the TG4000R model give you extra flexibility and control when changing the massive tires found in your mining operation.

Picking the right TireGrabber is all about matching the tool to your mining vehicles. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Grab your tape measure and measure the diameter of your biggest mining truck tires.
  • Choose the TireGrabber that fits your tire size range:
    • TG3000 or TG4000: 54″ to 89″ diameter
    • TG4000R: 34″ to 89″ diameter (reversible teeth for wider range)
    • TG4000XL: 58″ to 95″ diameter (built for oversized tires)
    • COMING SOON: TG12000
  • If you want optimum versatility, the TG4000R with reversible teeth might be your best bet.

Not sure which model is right for your mine? No problem! Contact us and talk to one of our TireGrabber specialists. They’ll help you find the perfect fit.

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