About Us

About Us

They say “Necessity is the mother of invention” and that is exactly what prompted Owner/Inventor Darcy Goossen to design his first invention, The TireGrabber TG3300.

Growing up on the farm Darcy came to the realization that with tires and equipment getting larger and larger safety was becoming a real concern. Especially when it came to changing out large sprayer tires. That was where the seed for The TireGrabber was planted.

Over the course of several years Darcy built several prototypes, each time tweaking a bit here and improving alot there until finally he produced a unit that he felt was ready for use. When he began using it he was pleased to find out it was doing exactly what he had originally intended it to do, make changing large scale tires safer, faster and more efficient. What Darcy didn’t plan on was the response he got from friends, family members and neighbors. They all felt he was on to something and that that something needed to be in the market, thus The TireGrabber Ltd. was born…

Since that time Darcy has designed several different models, attended multiple trade shows and in 2018 won the Farmyard Inventions Award at Canada’s Farm Progress Show in Regina, SK.

With the help of his business partner and son, Brenton Goossen, Darcy is well on the way to being a success.


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