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Top farm safety honour at Manitoba AG days

Product News • February 26, 2021

The TireGrabber reversible adapts this device to fit more tire sizes – and industries

TireGrabber on Manitou

The TireGrabber, a highly popular device that helps farmers safely change large-scale tires on their own, has just been adapted to fit a wider range of tire sizes in response to customer demand. The new release – The TireGrabber Reversible – has won First Place for Farm Safety at this year’s Manitoba Ag Days Innovation Showcase.

Darcy Goossen, the Alberta farmer who invented The TireGrabber for changing and handling tires up to 95” in diameter, has created a new version that fits a greater variety of needs. “Many of our customers have machinery that have different tire sizes, so they have been asking for more flexibility,” he says. “This led me to come up with The TireGrabber Reversible that handles 34”–89” tires just as safely and efficiently.”

Goossen points out that both The TireGrabber and the Reversible attach easily to any hydraulic system and are robust, user-friendly workhorses for farmers and other machine operators who want to save the time and expense of sending machinery out for tire swaps – or bringing technicians in. “They’re just as great off the farm, too – in sectors like construction, mining and aviation.”