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The innovative TG Equipment Jack is a farmer’s new best friend

Product News • May 27, 2021

The TireGrabber, a game-changing device that allows farm equipment operators to replace large-scale tires on their own, has welcomed a new member into its family of products. The remotely operated TG Equipment Jack can lift huge machines weighing up to 30,000 lb., allowing users to remove tires on the spot.

Equipment Jack

“The Equipment Jack is another milestone in our mission to provide safe solutions for our customers by providing tools for their specialized needs,” says Darcy Goossen, the Alberta farmer-turned-inventor of The TireGrabber. This machine handles giant tires and moves them on and off sprayers, combines and other equipment. The TG Equipment Jack is solid lifting device that you can use to perform repairs and tire changes. It’s design takes into consideration that a large machine requires a larger contact surface area. This means instead of lifting one corner of the machine on a small jack post; a much larger surface area is used lifting securely with extra safety latches to prevent slipping. “The most important thing is that your machinery is secured” says Darcy Goossen. He demonstrates that even when you attempt to shake a machine after it’s lifted – it just stays solidly placed.

“As the range of products grows, so do our customers’ savings and productivity.” In fact, the award-winning TireGrabber boasts 2 time first prize in Farm Safety and is an extremely efficient large tire-handler. TireGrabber customers, who include equipment dealers and tire shops that change and repair large-scale tires, consistently report time savings more than 50%. Brian Adolf, owner of longstanding client KalTire, finds the system is “pretty much priceless.”

The TG Equipment Jack builds on these benefits as it allows users to do even more on their own premises. “Working conditions must be safe first and foremost and that is our goal” proclaims Darcy Goossen. The strain, pain and danger of handling large tires and dealing with heavy equipment is not to be underestimated. He also points out that, while the product line was initially designed for the agricultural sector, it works just as well in others, including construction, mining and aviation.

TG Equipment Jack details

  • Engineered and load-rated for up to 30,000 lbs
  • Powered by a 12V pump
  • Safety locking arms to prevent Jack from lowering unexpectedly
  • Remote operated
  • Uses 2 – 3″ bore x 18″ stroke cylinders
  • Maximum Continuous Operating Pressure: 3000 PSI
  • Dimensions: 66” X 32” X 41”H
  • Maximum Lift Height: 68″ (with medium lift blocks)
  • Lift Blocks with Rubber Bumper
    • MD – 6″ – Included
    • LG – 10″ – Extra Option
    • Pipe Inserts – Extra Option
  • Extra Option – 12″ Jack Risers available (for Hagie Sprayers)
  • Unit Weight: 1,000 lbs