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How many people does it take to change a flat 12,000 lb tire?

Worksite safety • July 2, 2024

Getting a flat in the field or on the job site is never a good thing. If you’re not keeping an eye on the quickly setting sun, you’re considering the impact this disruption will have on your tight schedule – and your tighter budget.

Not only does a flat tire grind production to a screeching halt, it typically means a team of workers must be pulled off the job to change a 10-foot-high tire weighing as much as 12,000 lbs – and that takes precious time.

Enter The TireGrabber

Built for easy transport, The TireGrabber fits in the back of a standard pickup truck. If you have an unexpected flat out in the field or the job site, the TireGrabber can be there quickly, and the changeover accomplished in minutes.

Precision under pressure

The 45-degree, 3-arm rotating gripper with a central hub rated for 36,000 lbs securely grabs industrial tires providing a tight hold, allowing for effortless maneuvering, perfect alignment, and balanced tire handling – even on uneven terrain.

One operator can change a 12,000 lb tire

No joke. Only one – that’s 1 – operator is needed to change a massive tire in record time with The TireGrabber, eliminating the need to gather a whole team for tire-changing duty.  

Don’t let a flat tire slow things down. Grab your own award-winning, patented TireGrabber device and be ready!