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Worksite safety highlighted during National Safety Month

Worksite safety • June 12, 2024

June is National Safety Month, stressing the importance of working together to keep people on the job site safe from harm every day.

Are you gambling with safety on your mining, construction or agricultural worksite?

Oversized tires on heavy-duty equipment can weigh up to 12,000 lbs, which makes changing and handling them very risky. Not to mention the manual labour required and the downtime it takes away from your project.

That’s why many companies are looking for smarter ways to handle these giants and protect their workers from injury. Fortunately there’s the TireGrabber, a device that turns the task of changing large tires from a mammoth team effort into a simple, on-site job for one person.

Hear from three users who share the transformative impact that the TireGrabber has had on the safety and efficiency of their operations:

James Klassen, Service Manager, Linden Agri-Centre: The Agri-Centre team used to change large tires with a forklift. “Balancing these oversized tires on two forks is very dangerous,” says James. “We’ve actually had a few tires slip and tip over.” After testing out the TireGrabber, James was convinced that it was the way to go for everyone’s safety. Watch the video.

Brian Adolf, Owner, Kal Tire: Initially skeptical, Brian quickly became a TireGrabber advocate – refusing to return the demo! “Using the TireGrabber, there is zero chance of the tire falling over or slipping, which is a big factor for us,” he says. Watch the video.

Don Williams, Saskatchewan farmer: “Safety is the biggest reason we bought the TireGrabber,” says Don. He also appreciates the reduced tire-changing times and improved organization, making it an invaluable tool on his farm. Watch the video.

Everyone has the right to go home safely to their families at the end of the day. If your workers handle large-scale tires, count on the TireGrabber to help you protect them on the job site. Talk to us today.