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Keeping kids safe on the farm

Farm safety • May 22, 2024

Life on the farm is full of incredible experiences for children. They can learn about food, animals and how things grow. But it’s not a playground.

The farm is a busy working environment with animals, tools, machinery and large implements. As parents and guardians, it’s our responsibility to teach our kids about farm safety while still allowing them to explore and enjoy all the wonders of farm life.

Why farm safety matters

Farms are bustling with activity and machinery, making them exciting but potentially hazardous places. Teaching kids about safety helps prevent accidents and injuries. Simple lessons like staying clear of heavy machinery, understanding animal behavior, and recognizing potential dangers can make a big difference.

The danger of mixing kids and tractors

Farm machinery is one of the top three causes of farm fatalities, with tractors responsible for over 40% of accidental farm deaths of children under 15 in the U.S. Yet, 4 out of 5 children regularly ride tractors.

You can help improve these devastating statistics by keeping children under 15 far away from tractors, heavy-duty farm implements, and large-scale tractor tires. To further reduce the risk of injury to children (and your farm workers), use the TireGrabber to change heavy-duty tires and to move them around to put into storage.

Resources to help instil safety in kids

We’ve gathered some great resources to help your farming family thrive and stay safe. These sites offer fun activities, practical tips and sage advice on keeping kids safe while they enjoy life on the farm. Check them out and share them with your family:

By making safety a part of your daily routine, you can help your children appreciate farm life while staying safe. This way, they’ll grow into responsible and careful stewards of our land and livestock.

Let’s keep encouraging a love for hard work and responsibility in our kids while ensuring they stay safe on the farm. Their future depends on it.